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We proudly endorse Lori for a second term on Spokane's City Council.

Lori Kinnear has proven to be a strong and effective member of the Spokane City Council. I enthusiastically support her re-election. — Michael Adolfae

We have watched Lori Kinnear as she has tirelessly dedicated herself to the betterment of all in the Spokane Community and surrounding area. My husband and I are proud to endorse her continued, conscientious work as City Councilperson for Spokane. — Denise Attwood

Lori Kinnear is a smart and dedicated servant of the people. She cares deeply about improving our quality of life -- and she has taken specific actions over the past four years as Councilwoman to make our City safer and more vibrant. I strongly endorse Councilwoman Lori Kinnear and encourage Spokane voters and residents to re-elect her to Spokane City Council! — Amber Waldref

Lori Kinnear is a terrific Councilmember and together we have been powerful advocates for District 2 and all residents in the City. Please keep her on the Council so we can continue moving forward together. — Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council-member, District 2

Lori has worked tirelessly to solve the people problems and to make Spokane a progressively rich place to call home. — Robert Butler

I've known Lori for years and cannot name anyone more dedicated to cultivating Spokane's prosperity and prospects along with its beauty and livability.  She is a dedicated community volunteer, and my respect has only grown with her outstanding work as a Spokane City Council member. Vote for her! — David Camp

Lori is a thoughtful, informed council person who has served our city well. She deserves and we deserve her to serve another term. — Marilyn Carpenter

Lori has done an excellent job representing her district, as well as the interest important to the City as a whole. She has been thoughtful. She has listened to constituents and City staff. She has worked on several pieces of significant legislation that has had the effect or making Spokane a better place to live for all of us. I trust her and whole heartedly endorse her campaign for re-election — Sheila Collins

It is great honor to endorse Lori Kinnear for reelection  to Spokane City Council. My experience with Lori on the Spokane City Plan Commission and seeing her wonderful work on the Council and Community projects gives me the confidence that she is a vital part of city government that we cannot lose. 

— Dennis Dellwo

Lori Kinnear always digs in and gets it done. I am proud to endorse her re-election campaign. — Elliot Fabric

I endorse Lori Kinnear for her track record as a council member. We need her experience and good judgment on the city council. — Pat Ferro

I've had the opportunity to work with Lori and have found her reasoned and well-researched thoughts and ideas for formulating planning to help ease the housing crisis in Spokane not only workable but she personally to be dedicated to seeking out and working towards solutions that would not only provide housing but be welcome additions to existing neighborhoods. Judith Gilmore — Judith Gilmore

We are very appreciative of Lori Kinnear's good work on the Spokane City Council and want her to continue as long as she wishes — George and Lila Girvin

SEIU 775 is proud to again stand with you in our joint efforts to better the lives and communities in our State.

Adam Glickman, Secretary-Treasurer 

— Service Employees International Union 775

I have worked with Lori on several committees and she is tireless, dedicated, supportive of her constituents and really smart. Her work in support of Browne's Addition and it's goal of historic designation was fantastic! When she gets a hold of an issue, she never quits. — Michael Harves

Lori has been a big proponent of Spokane's forward progression, making it one of the best places to live.  She has proven leadership skills as well as the highest levels in strength of character and integrity ... Local 238 is pleased to be endorsing Lori Kinnear.  Scott Holstrom, Business Manager 

— Laborers' International Union of North America Local 238

Lori Kinnear shows common sense leadership. She backs issues that are good for our city. She treats City staff and Spokane citizens with respect. She is truly a role model. Lori needs to be re-elected. — Susan King

Lori has done an excellent job and we want her to continue working on our behalf. — John Lisk

Lori is a wonderful representative and I fully endorse her re-election! — Peggy Parker, ND

Lori has been a dynamic advocate for important issues that affect our city. We need her proactive, compassionate leadership back on the council. — Claire Rudolf Murphy

Congratulations on your recognition by the Preservation Society. Simply another wonderful contribution by you to the community and another accomplishment by you of which there are many benefitting our State! — Robert Simon, Nova Fisheries

I support and endorse Lori. I have known Lori for 20 years. Lori truly works for the good of the city and its citizens unlike many self serving politicians. Lori is good for Spokane and will get my vote. Thanks for all you do, Stuart R Smith — Stuart Smith

“I had the privilege of working with Lori for years at the City: she understands how to get things done and she’s committed to representing all the neighborhoods of 2nd district.” — Jon Snyder

I support Lori Kinnear for her diligent work to improve Spokane, including a revised demolition ordinance that gives more protections to historic homes and neighborhoods, her support for Prop. 1 which enhances fire and police protection, and her support of progressive policy initiatives, including the Sick & Safe Leave ordinance which I worked on with the Spokane Alliance. — Karen Steele

We are pleased to inform you that you have earned the endorsement of Washington Conservation Voters (WCV) for the 2019 Primary and General Election. We are confident that your support for the environment and our shared concerns will guide you in your service to the people of your community.  - Lennon Bronsema, Political Director


— Washington Conservation Voters

It is my pleasure to endorse Lori Kinnear for City Council in District 2. I have worked with her numerous times on neighborhood issues and she has always followed through and done what it takes to make our neighborhood better. She has focused particularly on property crime. We need her to continue her good work — Mary Winkes

In Washington state, someone is killed by a gun every 14 hours. Across our communities, families are experiencing the tragedy of gun violence every day. It does not have to be this way. We know what it takes to keep our communities safe from gun violence, but we need leaders with the political courage to act on it.  Lori is one of those leaders.  -  Stephanie Ervin, Board Member


— Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund

We appreciate your support on issues important to Organized Labor along with working families and look forward to working with you in the future.  Philip E Lindquist, Director of Governmental Affairs — International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, AFL-CIO District Council 5
Michael Adolfae
Morton Alexander
John Allison
Dennis Anderson
Denise Attwood
Jan Baker
Michael Baker
Stephen Barbieri
Breean Beggs, Spokane City Council District 2
Mary Lou Bennington
Andy Billig, Washington State Senate Majority Leader
Mary Ann Bosky
Roger Bosky
Jane Bowen
Mary Anne Brown
Robert Butler
Karen Byrd
David Camp
Jon Carollo
Marilyn Carpener
Kathleen Collins
Sheila Collins
Therese Covert
Harry Crase
Diane Crow
Michael Currin
Dennis Dellwo
Paul Dillon
Elliot Fabirc
Pat Fero
William Forman
Heidi Gann
Judith Gardner
Judith Gilmore
George and Lila Girvin
William Grimes
Jacqui Halvorson
Rebecca Hanson
Michael Harves
Janelle Higgins
Jim Hoppe
Molly Jakubczak
Golie Jansen
Susan King
Dave Koch
Toni Kuder
Tara Lee
John Lisk
Roynane Lisk
Jon Lossing
Samantha Mace
Barbara Marney
Linda McHenry
Joe McKinnon
Barre McNeil
Carol McVicker
Bill Miller
Linda Milsow
Claire Rudolf Murphy
Mike Myers
Timm Ormsby, Washington State House of Representatives, Third District
Brian Parker
Peggy Parker
Marcus Riccelli, Washington State House of Representatives, Third District
Carrie Roller
Susan Sawyer
William Schrier
Christina Smith
Stuart Smith
Jon Snyder
Karen Steele
Ben Stuckart, Spokane City Council President
Michael Tedesco
Amber Waldref
Shannon Weachter
John Weisbrod
Kathleen Weisbrod
Dave Wilson
Mary Winkes
Alliance for Gun Responsibility Victory Fund
Fuse Votes!
Humane Voters of Washington
Naral Pro-Choice Washington
National Women's Politicial Caucus of Washington
Sierra Club
Spokane Tribe of Indians
Transportation for Washington
Washington Conservation Voters
Aerospace Machinists Industrial Lodge 751
Carpenters Local 59
International Association of Bridge, Structure, Ornamental & Reinforcing Ironworkers Local 14
International Association of Fire Fighters Local 2916
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 73
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 77
International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, AFL-CIO District Council 5
Laborers' International Union of North America Local 238
Northeastern Washington-Northern Idaho Building & Construction Trades Council
Operating Engineers Local 302
The Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 44
SEIU 6 Property Services NW
Service Employees International Union 775
Spokane Education Association
Spokane Fire Fighters IAFF Local 29
Spokane Regional Labor Council
Sprinkler Fitters Local 669
United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1439
United Food and Commerical Workers PAC 21
United Union of Roofers Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 189
Washington Education Association
Washington State Council of County & City Employees AFSCME, AFL-CIO
Washington Teamsters Legislative League

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